Sunday, April 01, 2012

UFOs spotted

I know this is April 1, all fools day, but the photographs above are absolutely genuine and worth closer inspection. I noticed two small white round (to the naked eye) objects floating across the sky over us. They caught my attention because they did not seem to move like birds, floating rather than flying. Buzzards sometimes do this on thermals around here but they did not have the outline of a buzzard. They were moving steadily rather than swiftly west east, and looked very white in the morning sun. I took three photos, hard to get a very sharp focus pointing at the sky. To my surprise there was a third white thing to the top left, which I had not noticed, and two fuzzy white things. Maybe they are balloons. On the unresized RAW files they appear white with a fuzzy grey outline. Help!! I promise you this is not an April Fool's joke, and they are not camera artefacts or manipulated with photo imaging software. Very strange.

On close inspection I wonder if these are parachutes although there were no planes overhead at the time and I have never seen anyone parachute around here. The two lower photos are enlarged and slightly enhanced. And two more in the last photo I took yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm very curious what in the world could these be?

Spot said...

I really don't know. The more I look at them the more puzzled I am. I have one more photo not on the blog and there are two more!

Anonymous said...

If you type in weather balloon image on Google, you get something close to what you have photographed. What do you think? Robert's Dad apparently used to let off 2 weather balloons a day when he worked in Saudi and Robert felt that was what he was looking at.


Laura said...

Perhaps it's mini moons?