Sunday, June 05, 2016

did you knock?

Swallows roosting in our porch. They have had one unsuccessful attempt to breed already. Something (probably local sparrows) raided the nest and chucked the eggs out. They will probably try again.

may is out

you can start casting clouts, the May is out. (There is some dispute about the origin of this old saying, but I like to think it refers to the hawthorn coming into flower, whatever the time of year, and it is a bit late this year). So out with my clouts.

at last, a green hairstreak butterfly

I have been looking for this little green butterfly (the green hairstreak) for the last five years, and at last today in Greenscombe woods, I spotted this one and was able to photograph it. Hooray! And there were a lot of heath fritillaries about

and lots of heath spotted, marsh and lesser butterfly orchids, and a crab spider waiting for an unsuspecting pollinator.