Sunday, April 08, 2012

at Treven farm

the blue season is almost upon us. The top picture is of greater periwinkle (vinca major). In the bottom picture is some green alkanet with the very vivid blue flowers with white eyelets, and around it the mat of prostrate stems and the small flowers of lesser periwinkle (vinca minor). The lesser vinca is a good flower for Easter as it "hath an excellent virtue to staunch bleeding at the nose in Christians if made into a garland and hung about the neck". (Not clear what non believers and infidels were to do). A further reference (Nicholas Culpeper) stated that "Venus owns this herb and saith that the leaves eaten by Man and Wife together cause love between them". Neither periwinkle is native to Britain


Anonymous said...

My favourite colour of flower!


carletta said...

As long as the "blue" as in bells, waits for my arrival! I wonder if I showed up with lesser vinca instead of oxytocin for a delivery, if it would "staunch the bleeding"?!