Sunday, April 29, 2012

happy birthday

It has been a miserable few days of cold cloudy rainy weather, but at least the first two great tit eggs have hatched (gaping mouths above), the first of several expected  arrivals both in and out of the nest. New life is uplifting whatever the weather. The female has been eating some of the shells and removing the residue. She appears unsettled by all the movement underneath her.  Now the parents' monumental task of feeding this lot begins. I hope to get some better pictures over the next two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Have noticed the swallows for the first time this morning - it was their distinctive chatter that alerted me. Have they been back long? I thought they came back mid April last year.


Spot said...

the martins were back about two weeks ago (there was a blog pic at the time) and the swallows 10 days ago, but they seem to disappear for a while before starting nesting etc, I guess to feed up after the long journey