Sunday, March 04, 2012

Stitchwort returns

Greater Stitchwort, the first of our true hedgerow plants, is back. According to my records this is very early this year even though it is a plant that flowers later in March. As this is Spot's blog Harriet, who has a natural interest in flora and fauna, insists on having a bit part in it as often as possible.


charlene and Storm said...

hiya, just found your blog today, yay! i had the ispired thought to search for dogs and cornwall since there my two favourite things, why didnt i think of it sooner, your blog looks fab, i look forward to having a really good nosey round it xxx

Spot said...

Charlene, you and Storm are very welcome. I see I have just posted page number 1700 so there is plenty to nose about in

Tara said...

A wonderful support player that Harriet!