Wednesday, March 28, 2012

everyone's doing it 2

a chiffchaff (based definitively on its monotonous song!). I think this one is local and has spent the winter here rather than around the mediterranean (bad choice in my mind). The lane is now suddenly full of speckled wood butterflies. There are two male varieties apparently, a docile type with 4 spots on the hindwing, which sits around sunbathing, and this type with three wing spots on the hindwing, which spends all its time chasing off rivals up and down the lane .


Anonymous said...

Is this the chiff-chaff that keeps waking me up at half 6 in the morning? I wish he would migrate!

Been meaning to ask you what bird it might be.


Spot said...

if it is going "chiff chaff chiff chaff" endlessly, yes