Wednesday, March 14, 2012


annual catkin photo against non annual blue sky, and, below, masses of very juvenile tadpoles. The greenish tinge in the middle of the photo is caused by the residual egg sacs from which they have emerged and which they are still feeding on. Unfortunately, it is very dry and like last year I think there is a real risk that these puddles will dry up before the tadpoles can mature.


Anonymous said...

Where were these tadpoles? Have already rescued some from Oldmill Woods.

Spike & co

Spot said...

same place but on lower path running above stream between dam little and New Mill Cottage. Where do you put them?

Spot said...

little dam, that is

Anonymous said...

Took them up to school as we have some new ponds there. Still not tempted by a pond at OH?

Spike & Co