Saturday, June 27, 2009

river crossing

the Tamar, above Endsleigh, standing on a bar where the Inny comes out. The water levels are very low.


Tara said...

Low levels of water--well, we could certainly send the OH gang some New York rain. We have the soggiest June on record since collecting data in Central Park in the 1880s. It has rained so much the ceiling leaked in our kitchen and every child in the house had fever and chills this month.

Today, the 26th, is our first dry ans sunny day. Of course, we ran out to sit by the water and play tennis...and stuck a garbage pail under the leak.

carletta said...

Same for rain in New England-many reminders of childhood in Ireland-mainly,clothes that won't dry! Someone wanted to know what the large stain on a concrete wall was: "That, my dear, is "rising damp"!!