Sunday, June 07, 2009

more orchids

nearby and for the first time on Kit Hill, we found some orchids. They look like southern marsh orchids (having no spots on the leaves and two sepals that look like bird's wings) but these orchids often hybridise with heath spotted and common spotted orchid. However, they were by a marsh!


Tara said...

Are these actually a magenta--how would you describe this color? So wonderful!

Spot said...

the colour is very close to what you see in real life. The naming of colours is very interesting. I feel a bit like some aboriginal people who only describe 3 colours, so I call it red, but magenta is from fuchsine, named for fuchsia, so maybe it is magenta, it is very close to magenta dye (#CA1F7B). You know dogs only have dichromatic vision so I feel a bit colour compromised.