Thursday, June 25, 2009

more good things

it is that time of year again with Wimbledon, strawberries and Pimms. These wild strawberries may not be as big as their cultivated cousins, but they are incredibly intensely flavoured and sweet. As a general rule the beginning of Wimbledon, and the Glastonbury festival herald prolonged periods of dull wet weather. Just for once it is warm and sunny. We will have to install a hammock and chill out, watch the tennis (Spot would like to be a ball dog) and eat wild strawberries.


Amongst The Oaks said...

Oh, Pimms! We enjoyed that whilst visiting the cousins in St. Kew. Lovely stuff. And it certainly says "Summer", doesn't it?

Tara said...

Now where in the world could you have gotten the hammock idea?? Haha! We have been getting up very early here to watch Wimbeldon matches...we are mad about tennis!