Saturday, January 10, 2009

more exotic ice images. The top picture shows concentric circles of transparent and ordinary ice, and of course even if the magic has worn off the pet twig, there is still plenty of action down on the forest floor.


Tara said...

Dear Spot

You do realize you have me looking at New York ice puddles and comparing them to what is seen in Cornwall--people think I am crazy!

"Oh, we don't seem to have concentric circles here in Manhattan"...the looks are not kind!



spot said...

we are crazy here, but there's no one around to see

Tara said...

Maybe so! You make me look at the world so differently, and I really appreciate that! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The shape reminded me of the following:

Better not let Erich Van Daniken know or he'll be rewriting Chariots of the Gods to include our part of Cornwall.