Wednesday, January 14, 2009

let the trumpets sound

sorry about the lack of new photographs, but the weather has turned cold, damp and grey so walking has become an exercise in wet coats and muddy paws. I always find the period after Christmas very dreary, and February is the dreariest month of all.

Why is it that ecologists and greens are so elitist and unfriendly? I know humanity is the problem, and we are busily eating the planet, but we are also the only solution. If we head back to some false, imaginary, Elysian past, women will be the main sufferers; the life of unremitting toil will return. What Spot and I try and do is to share the joy of the world around us in the hope that more people will learn to value and cherish it. Should we worry that blogging and googling is supposed to keep kettles boiling? And maybe we do not hear enough about the qualifications and reservations that often follow statements of doom. And Venus is a lot closer to the sun, and only rotates about once every 8 months, so it is not a model of where we are heading.

We have to embrace change without alienating people, and we have to take all of humanity with us if anything is to change.


Tara said...

Would a synopsis of what you said be the world is going to hell in a basket? Then thank goodness for blogging...for people noticing the world's small beauties, whether it is a finch, frost or puddles or Harriet finding lunch in a surprise salmon...those are the things that make this journey worthwhile...and why I tune in here,dear Spot!

spot said...

thanks tara, you are an unfailing source of good humour and energy, which is why we visit you in NY, although even looking at your blog is exhausting these days!