Saturday, January 03, 2009

frost flowers

At last I have some more information. This sort of ice formation is called frost flowers (see link and Wiki), and is rare, and has never been reproduced in controlled laboratory conditions (according to the source). In fact, it seems highly likely to me that the critical factor is that it happens on water logged wood. Oh, the joy of science. We shall see.

Spot is yawning.

He wonders why there is no tag for calling a post boring


Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff. Another link of relevance:


Anonymous said...

Spike thinks Spot's Blog should get the OBE - Outstanding Blog Education.

spot said...

thanks spike, maybe for trivia

Tara said...

We have ten giant sycamores in our front yard over 100 years old...will be out checking for sap leakage early in the a.m. to see if any beards have sprouted! Hee-hee!