Sunday, May 11, 2008

Harriet and Spot at Backways cove

HRH does a bit of posing while Spot goes fishing. Spot put his head completely under the water (as does his bro Vasco aka Tigger) several times as if he was hunting for something. It is not obvious what he is up to.


Tara said...

Is HRH a whippet? My husband had one as a child. Beautiful view from Kit Hill!


spot said...

HRH and Spot are lurchers, their father was a very attractive blue whippety lurcher. Their mother Cassie comes from a long line of champion lurchers (the competitions are held in fields far away from Crufts)although her father was a flat coated retriever. These out-breedings have produced classic medium sized lurcher qualities hence our prize-winning feats.

spot said...

and of course the whippet tremble, and the tail between the legs at the slightest hint of trouble. Lurcher ancestry is evident in our low down thieving behaviour and our tendency to bully anything very small.