Tuesday, August 08, 2006


these are water boatmen. I think I am right in thinking that they transmit their size and fitness by stamping their feet and sending out ripples across their watery space time continuum, a paradigm for all of us in a way I suppose. The guy at the top left is pretty tough, and the guy at bottom right is in a state of learned helplessness, lacks agency and the will to live in this pond, and therefore is depressed. The moral of this picture is therefore the more you wag your tail and the more you stamp your paws the better it will be. Posted by Picasa


Kat said...


I work in a pond where some people stamp their feet in an attempt to cause large ripples within the pond. Due to your expertise on this matter, I have now decided that I will wag my fluffy tail hard and stamp my kitten heels as to avoid helplessness and depression. I think you may have a future in psychiatry. Thank you and miaow for now

spot said...

a future in psychiatry? I would rather be catatonic (or should that be a cat tonic).