Thursday, August 31, 2006


No pictures today because we couldn't get a decent shot but we saw two hobbies in the woods. They are like large swallows, and sound like rusty bed springs "keekeekeekee". They like to nest in woods but hunt for swallows and other small birds and insects over open countryside. The tall trees in Gunoak woods provide the best possible combination of these two requirements. I am not sure about eating swallows (it seems unfair) but I suppose you must swallow to eat (apologies). And anyone who cuts the fins off sharks and throws them back into the water is evil, and anyone who eats the soup deserves to go to hell. What is wrong with us?

On a general note this summer has fizzled out. Everything is looking tired and dried out. It is almost as if after this hot summer everything is waiting for Autumn to start properly again. Usually there is an abundance of purple flowering plants at this time of the year; all I have seen is a bit of devil's bit scabious and some selfheal, and tons of bracken. Well, maybe one picture of db scabious (strange name!). Useful for treating the plague.

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