Saturday, August 19, 2006

armchair philosopher's mission statement

my leitmotif is to give you an ersatz zeitgeist, the weltanschauung from my rucksak, to blitz you with my wanderlust. I am no dumbkopf but a wunderkind of dobermen, a meister hund; this is no bildungsroman but a festschrift of canine schmalz. Donne und blitzen (as the comics used to say)! I am off for some bratwurst and riesling, and gesundheit meine freunde, while I abseil off the planet before I am overwhelmed by my torschlusspanik (no, I haven't heard of this one either but I've got it) .

All this induced by one visit to the vetPosted by Picasa


Queeneliza1 said...

I am glad to hear these words are used in real English life!

Anonymous said...

surely you don't actually mean REAL english life? I love the contemporary world view from the ruck sack though!