Saturday, August 10, 2013

Burning bright at Dartmoor Zoological Park (DZP)

A few of the animals to be seen at the DZP, at Sparkwell near Plymouth (link), the story of which was told in the film  "We bought a zoo". Keeping animals in captivity, especially large animals like tigers, is always questionable but this is a small, friendly, slightly unkempt zoo with seemingly very content animals and warm friendly staff.  The amur tigers are under extreme pressure in the wild from loss of habitat, and use of their powdered bones and other parts in Chinese so called medicines. The tiger is eating meat from Dartmoor ponies culled during the autumn round ups. They are magnificent beasts and to see them so close up in an open enclosure is breathtaking. This is a fun day out at a very reasonable cost and it has a good spacious restaurant.

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