Sunday, August 25, 2013

a magic day

We went for a walk along the Lynher below Golberdon this morning with Charlie, a young member of Spot's human family. We saw some common blue butterflies, some dragonflies and a hornet, all very interesting, but then we saw 4 kingfishers all in a little group flying towards us and then around the banks before eventually this one perched on a branch above the river.... magic!! This must be the second brood of the year, and the young must have just fledged as the adults usually drive the young away after a couple of days.

Oh, and the joys of mucking about in the river!


Anonymous said...

Sounds magical. V envious about the kingfishers.

In a 10th floor apartment and we had hummingbirds hovering outside the balcony the other day, which pleased me very much.


Spot said...

have a safe trip back. Laurel Cottage is looking very smart!

Anonymous said...

looks like Spot and Charlie had a great time! Tara