Friday, June 14, 2013

there's nothing like a Dame

this tall plant in our paddock is called dame's violet. It is related to mayflower, honesty and the stock family and has a lovely gentle scent. I have no idea where it came from (it is a native plant) but the name apparently refers to Damascus and not to women.                                                 


Anonymous said...

I need your horticultural help. I need to collect lots of those little burrs that grow on some types of plants - I don't know which - do you know where I can get some? Can you keep an eye open on your walks? I'm thinking of those seed pod things that get hooked onto your clothing or onto animal coats. Any suggestions?


Spot said...

The two classics round here are herb bennet and goosegrass, both of which are producing burrs now, and later in the year the dreaded burdock. We have plenty of the first two in the garden now!Please pop in and get some.

Anonymous said...

Yes please! Thank you very much!