Saturday, June 22, 2013

Marting about

In this picture there are at least seven martins flying around this funny little meadow opposite our paddock. Even though it is a dreary, windy, rainy day there were many more very excited birds darting about. I have no idea what they were hunting but they were protected from the wind and rain by a stand of large sycamores. They are very hard to capture on the move in this sort of light.


Rambler said...

There are martins nesting in the stables across the fence from me and I love to watch them swooping after insects above my garden. For the last few days, there have been 5 babies lined up silently on the ridge of my bungalow roof, then an adult swoops down and all the little mouths open; a swift thrust of food into one lucky baby and they all shut up again until the next food delivery.
What do martins and swallows live on when it's constant heavy rain?

Spot said...

we shall have to come and visit you on one of our visits to Downderry

Spot said...

to answer your question I think the martins in this photo were hunting for insects in this meadow because it was sheltered from the wind and rain