Thursday, May 16, 2013

some sunny day

we are off on our annual adventures on Saturday so Spot will lose his secretary for a couple of weeks. We will be sad to leave the apple trees in full blossom and the forgetmenots looking very bright, and the equine students practising for Duchy College open day


Rambler said...

Wishing you a happy holiday with wonderful weather. Are you escaping to warmer, sunnier climes? got a camping trip booked for the week after the Spring Bank Holiday . . in Veryan. Wishing & hoping for nice warm, dry weather.

Spot said...

colder even, Alaska!

Rambler said...

Nooooooo! We have in the UK absolutely everything that you will find in Alaska (maybe not the bears!)
Will there be holiday photos? Please?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Alaska!

Wave east as you go through airport --LaGuardia---and we will be sure to see!

it's been a chilly spring here, but not as chilly as Alaska!
Enjoy the beauty!