Saturday, May 04, 2013

hole in the wall gang

When our neighbours were strimming their boundary hedge wall this robins' nest was accidentally uncovered.

 The robins seem relatively unflustered by the nest being exposed, and the youngsters were only interested in being fed.

The nest site is now discretely hidden so with any luck the brood should survive the constant predations by magpies, rooks and jackdaws. Yesterday I saw the sinister shape of a sparrowhawk wheeling about but it was immediately harried and chased off by an angry and very assertive mistle thrush nesting in the vicinity.


Anonymous said...

went to have a peek earlier. didn't take any photos because i knew yours would be miles better. fingers crossed they stay safe.

Spot said...

I guess we shouldn't but it is very hard to resist peeking! I won't take any more pictures but either you or we should see some baby robins soon under the feeders.