Monday, April 15, 2013

death on the duck pond

A black and white springer spaniel was seen savaging the ducks on the duck pond this morning. The dog was not immediately identifiable and it may be new to the village. Two Duchy students who saw the attack very kindly stopped to give first aid, as did several neighbours. As a result of this attack the two old females were very seriously injured. One died at the scene, the other had to be euthanased  at the vets in Lezant. They gave a lot of pleasure to many people over the years and especially to the little children from the Ducklings nursery; it seems very sad their lives came to such a savage end.

It was only last week that I took great pleasure in photographing the two of them marking the arrival of Spring around the duckpond (see page).


DNP said...

That's sad. I'll put the word out for sightings of the dog.

Mary Ann said...

Six years ago we had some trouble here with roaming dogs savaging poultry in broad daylight. I'm sorry for the old ducks.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! not good!