Friday, April 19, 2013

a Spring walk 3

This is an unusual view of the little hamlet of Oldmill, until now hidden behind conifers. In the distance towards the skyline is the Temple (the folly, see some pictures earlier in the blog), the sheds of Alren farm below, and note the little pink house (Owl Wood) to the left, whose front door and avian inhabitants are shown below. A front door to die for I think.


Rambler said...

Oh I love that front door/porch. Although the rain is back, it's at least WARM rain, so Summer 'must' be on the way. I too saw my first swallow last Friday - just the one - and there's a little crowd of bees busying themselves in my patch of blue flowers; ransoms are thick along the lanes, just about to flower (love that aroma) and bluebells are already flowering among the pale lemon primroses.

Spot said...

you are well ahead of us then, no bluebells yet and one solitary ramson. Probably not best to be the first one out.