Monday, February 11, 2013

Con brio

Spot, full of the joy of living


Rambler said...

Lovely to see the snowdrops - and Spot enjoying the cold air. My Collie loves the cold, too but he also loves water too much for his own good. If I were to walk him near that river, he would dive in without a thought for how to get out again.
So a beach stroll will have to suffice and we'll have to miss the snowdrops!

Spot said...

It's very hard to keep Spot out of the water. Unusually for a lurcher he loves retrieving sticks(logs in fact) from the water, taking after his mother. He often struggles to get out but usually is cast up on a beach down stream somewhere eventually. Our collie Max loathes water and will do anything to avoid it!

Anonymous said...

Spot in action - just great!