Wednesday, December 08, 2010

hogweed flowers again

hoar frost or rime on the remnants of the dead flower head of hogweed


Anonymous said...

One of my most favourite of all your photos. Driving to Venterdon from Kally Bray along the Launceston road, there is an abundance of hogweed stems and they look quite magical with the haw frost on them.

Thank you for this image, though. Just gorgeous.
Spike & co

Spot said...

tx very much for your kind comment, Laurel cottage mob. It has been beautiful out there.

carletta said...

Lovely!! And we have NO snow yet:))

Amongst The Oaks said...

Spot, your photos have been positively stunning lately! Well, maybe not the dead badger...but these frosty ones are fabulous.

You will be horrified to know that we have TWO CATS living at our house. How did we ever allow this to happen? They are not very pleasant pets, I'll tell you. Bah! Cats!

Spot said...

Cats? Lurchers hate cats! Chased a fox last night right across our paddock; thought it was a cat for a moment.

Very sad about the badger but roadkill is part of our local life unfortunately.