Friday, December 31, 2010

and a Happy New Year

on the road to Malham (where a few of us spent Christmas)


jowan said...

Happy new year.
Looking at some of your photos' of butterflies, as I am the butterfly recorder but was especially interested in your picture of a white-legged damselfly from 5th July, 2009. There are very few Cornish records for this red databook species, so wondering if it is possible to have a grid or location of where you saw it, so I can let the Dragonfly Recorder know about it.
Got quite excited about the pic of a Glanville Fritillary until I realised it was taken outside of Cornwall!
All the best,

carletta said...

HI all at OHG-My neighbour here in Maine is from Malham!!

Spot said...

Hi Jowan, no email for you so I am leaving reference on blog, it was SX 435 725, on the east bank of Tamar just above Gunnislake. I think people who were photographing damsel flies at the time were serious naturalists and will have reported it to relevant sites