Saturday, September 04, 2010

drawn in the valley

a couple of images from the studio of a local artist, Mel Guy (see link for more), which magically capture in pewter the rhythm and laminar flow of the Tamar, plus one photographic image of the water which illustrates the visual synergy of metal and water to be found in her work.

Her studio was open as part of an event arranged by Drawn to the Valley, a group of local artists, and part of the ever flourishing artistic scene in the SouthWest. Martin Clark is another member of this group, who lives in Stoke Climsland and paints many local scenes. Aren't we lucky.


DNP said...

A very striking juxtaposition of images. Mel has some wonderful pieces and, yes, we are lucky that we have so much talent in the parish.

carletta said...

I always miss their open studios, but have purchased some art after looking at their site

Spot said...

thank you Carletta, I like to think we are helping local artists to prosper!