Wednesday, September 08, 2010

chaffinch return

There has been a complete absence of chaffinches in the garden this summer but suddenly they have reappeared. Where have they been? There has been a lot of concern recently (see link) about the plight of chaffinches, who are vulnerable to a protozoan infection caused by trichomonas, and we thought that maybe the local population had been infected, but it appears not, at least not completely. I suspect they find easy pickings away from garden feeders.


DNP said...

Absolutely nothing to do with chaffinches but a question about a mammal I saw early this week. At the bottom of Stoke Hill by the turning for Whiteford. If I had been in mid-Wales, I would have said "there's a pole cat". It wasn't a mink, stoat, weasel or otter. Any suggestions for what it may have been. It was carrying a small rabbit in its jaws.

Tara said...

Finch cousins here are in our paper the ELO cellist had a fatal accident in Cornwall, hit by a hay baler?

Spot said...

Sadly true, not one of the usual hazards associated with living in rural England