Sunday, March 07, 2010


it has been a very sunny but chilly day. For a change we went for a walk at Seaton. There was not much to see just yet but it is a very pretty wooded valley and a popular place to walk the dogs on a Sunday morning. And every one was happy and smiling.


Tara said...

Dear Spot:

I hooked into the link to see Seaton...what a lovely place to go! So often here the dogs are not allowed in our parks! Not sure I fully understand that one!

We have the warmest day here since really do forget the feel of the sun on your skin, a happy day for us and we're all so glad it happened on Sunday and not during the workweek--temps dropping tomorrow again so we're off to enjoy! :0)

carletta said...

60F here yesterday-EVERYONE was outside!! I will have to check out Seaton in May....can't wait...hope your spring continues to be beautiful-are you noticing less birds due to the cold winter?

Spot said...

not really, our bird feeders are very busy which suggests they are struggling to find food. Nevertheless everyone is beginning to look very smart in their new plumage, especially the male chaffinches