Thursday, March 11, 2010

a brown time

one of the stranger consequences of this long cold dry period is that everything has turned a light brown. Normally at this time of year (and all year) Cornwall is a rich vivid green. But no grass is growing yet, and the landscape looks as if Nature has taken to painting in watercolours. The sun is still quite low in the sky and in the morning and evening the world around us has taken on a novel hue.

For the last couple of weeks a pair of jackdaws have taken to sitting in a fir tree overlooking our garden. One of them is making a sound like a creaking branch or a very rough purr. I can't find any reference to this call but I assume it is a love poem. They are very interesting birds.


carletta said...

Hi David-Where is that lane? And Down House? The flowered lane photo inspired me to draw it!
We finally have some snowdrops up....

Spot said...

near a little hamlet called Trecombe, on the road between Beals Mill and Tutwell