Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cadsonbury Hill

Cadsonbury Hill is an iron age hill fort and compound that stands over the Lynher river just southwest of New bridge (so called when it was built in the fifteenth century) over the Lynher, on the road from Callington to Liskeard (see link). This is the view looking up the Lynher valley towards Kit Hill. The rampart and ditch are still very well preserved. Like Silbury, the hill on which the fort stands looks very odd in the surrounding landscape and is clearly man made to some degree. The slopes are very steep. Spot and Harriet are pleased to demonstrate.



Tara said...

I seriously want to live in the white house at the bottom of the hill-so peaceful!

Do you have yto pinch yourself sometimes because you cannot believe how gorgeous your landscape is?

I made a mosaic of our Connetquot river across the street--come see!

carletta said...

Your knee must be better if you made it DOWN that hill!!

Spot said...

with great difficulty but definitely possible