Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cadsonbury Hill 2

to get to Cadsonbury one can walk along the bank of the Lynher. This is a smaller, narrower river than the Tamar and the flowing water has a distinctly different sound. It has been very cold recently but the trees are full of birds, including one of my favourites, the long tailed tit making its characteristic 'si si' call. These are sociable birds which fly around in small flocks and chatter away incessantly to each other. (also see this previous page from the blog).


doctor baloney said...

Hello Spot!

I must have been busy when you left the comment on my blog, and have only just (re)discovered it - thank you!

I love the pictures of Cornwall. It took me straight back. Unfortunately, not literally....

Best wishes


Tara said...

Cold here, too! Sitting right next to the heater right now! Haha! :0)

PS--and I did stick my head out the window to see if there are any birds calling around here on my part of the island--just nasty crows!

I LOVE YOU said...