Wednesday, December 09, 2009

down at Inny foot

if you are an avid reader of Spot's blog you may remember a picture of him standing by a tree in the middle of the Inny (see link). Here is the same tree, 10 feet under water. There appears to be a bulge in the water level here presumably because it is where the Tamar (in spate in the background) and the Inny meet. The water level rises dramatically under these conditions.

Below is a tangled wood photo. It turns out that this pond is by a very ancient road down to the ford at this point. In the mist we can hear the faint sound of footsteps of people long gone, tramping towards the future.


carletta said...

That is why I love the ford at Latchley-thinking of all those people long ago whose footsteps I am in......
Carletta-Happy Christmas!

Tara said...

With all this movement there does not seem to be much freezing by you yet. We had such a warm day today, one more of Indian summer. Enough of a break to set up the Christmas lights on the house, plug in, and realize a whole row doesn't work (urrrgh!) :0)