Sunday, December 06, 2009

bishop's rock, Carthamartha

we were very lucky today because we met Mr Nigel Jonas on our walk. He owns the woodland that leads to Bishop's rock, a rocky crag overlooking the Tamar valley below Carthamartha (and also known as Carthamartha rocks on older maps). He showed us the splendid view from the top of the rocks. Unfortunately, even after all this time, the photographer forgot to reset his camera for the bright light. So this is a somewhat doctored picture of a buzzard wheeling in the valley below. This link will give a better idea of the view (link). It seems to be a very ancient landscape with numerous iron age hill forts, and a bronze age trackway leading down to one of the easiest fords across the Tamar although in this weather, to use an old joke, England would be cut off.


Tara said...

The tranquail setting you always find yourself in must be amazing! Investigated the link--most of Cornwall is divided into parishes? Afraid I don't get the English joke, but then I am of Irish descent (?)-Derry and Cork!:0)

Spot said...

It refers to a famous newspaper headline (? after the First World War, probably apocryphal), "Fog in the Channel, continent cut off", reflecting our intensely insular nature ... a characteristic shared by our Irish cousins surely.