Sunday, July 05, 2009

nightjars and glowworms 2

Eventually, in the late dusk, we heard the unmistakeable and eerie sound of the nightjars "churring", and then very briefly we caught sight of one flitting through the trees with the characteristic wings up flight as it chased its prey of large moths. They went on chirring through rain, a distant thunderstorm, and a firework display laid on by the Horn of Plenty (which, I think, used to be the mine captain's house and is now an incredibly expensive but very fine restaurant and hotel). By this time, of course, it was so dark we wouldnt have been able to take a photograph of one even if it had landed on our hand. So the best substitute is the RSPB link where you can hear the amazing churring call. On our way back, stumbling through the dark we came across some glowworms. Sad to say we have never seen a glowworm before. As this blog is a mainly a pictorial account of our life, Spot insists that I include the photograph of the glow worm's the green bit on the left. A case of nature imitating William Scott (see earlier blog).
So we would like to thank Richard Hibbert, bird expert, and Ruth Davies (the AONB information officer) for a very special and enjoyable evening.

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