Friday, July 10, 2009

don't throw sticks

There was an item on our local news tonight (see link)about advice from a vet not to throw sticks for dogs in case they catch them in the air and the stick sticks in their throats. Cassie would like to speak to him about gratuitous advice and dog rights. Try throwing this one.


Spike said...

Spike says:
Be careful with the sticks as he and Tess both have to get their teeth seen to (Tess for the second time).

Meanwhile, we have ratus norvegicus residing in the Laurel Cottage garden and Lisa is in trouble with Robert for feeding the birds and supplying the rats with fast food.

Spot said...

oops, will have to check for rodents. Haven't seen any recently.

No one could get the tree that Cassie is carrying stuck in their teeth (maybe an elephant?)