Tuesday, May 19, 2009

our wisteria

at long last, despite the arctic cold, our wisteria is out. Please note that no one takes any note of the admonition on the doormat. Why is this?


Amongst The Oaks said...

Your wistaria is beautiful. So wonderful, yet so fleeting. As for ignoring the "Wipe Your Paws" mat, I can only guess the humans are simply recalcitrant. I'm sure YOU wipe your paws.

Tara said...

Now wisteria is headily fragrant! Such a beautiful way it bows over the door and a nice way to enter your home!

I do not think you'd want the garlic from down the road here (haha!) although my Italian Mom would love it over hers!


twilightgecko said...

gorgeous wisteria.. i'm sure harriet wipes her paws.. :)