Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ok, just one more bluebell picture

the bluebells in the banks by the road into our village make even the drive into work a pleasure!


Anonymous said...

There's a gorgeous patch, on the left as you drive from Kelly Bray to Stoke, two gateways after the turing into Kelly Bray woods, where there's a fantastic sprinkling of bluebells, buttercups (or are they kingcups?) and campion intermingled. Such a pretty mixture.

Spike & co

Anonymous said...

Used your pics of the village today to send to the child we are sponsoring through church. (Yet another place I'm not allowed to go...)


Spot said...

I will go and have a look

Tara said...

After having spent over an hour today in traffic traveling home from a day in New York City, I would not mind if this had been the view!