Tuesday, June 03, 2008

we must blog on

the French have stopped sending us their great thunderous clouds of rain, so at last life can emerge from the swamp once more. This little insect was a complete mystery but, Spot thinks, this is a female glow worm or larva, not that he has ever seen one before. They sometimes climb up on grasses to flash themselves about more widely (soi disant, to maintain the French theme today). Our source of information (The Illustrated Book of Insects, 1979) informs us that they eat snails, by injecting them and then drinking the dissolved fluids (sounds tres gastronomique). Given the weather we clearly need a lot more of them. Are we the only ones who find it very difficult to identify certain things like insects on the internet but very easy then to use the internet to verify something once we have half an idea what it is (for example see this link)? Is there a way round this? Googlmology?

editor's note:- Lisa has pointed out that this is a ladybird larva, (see link) so this was a mis-Spot. Would we have ever have found out without the internet? It illustrates the axiom popular with most doctors, common things are common, and hen's teeth don't grow on trees.


Tara said...

It certainly does make life easier..think how dumb we were before we had the access!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a ladybird larvae but it may be the wine.


spot said...

Thank you Lisa, you are right, it is a ladybird larva, what a disappointment. It just goes to show how difficult it is to identify certain sorts of thing

Amongst The Oaks said...

Hi Spot,
We have those all about our garden just now. They are supposed to eat aphids, but still I have lots of APHIDS all over my roses! Grrrrr.
Hugs, Laura