Friday, June 27, 2008

meadowsweet and tufts

meadowsweet (the white one) and tufted vetch (the blue one, and a member of the pea family). Meadow sweet has two distinct fragrances and has been used for centuries to cover floors and make rooms smell sweet. It seems that the name is in fact a corruption of "mede sweet" and it was used to flavour mead. One fragrance is soft, and one is sharp, and this explains another of its names in Yorkshire, courtship and matrimony. What can this be referring to??

The strawberry gateaux in the picture below are the ovaries which will become the seed. I like the intricate shape of the whorls on what will become its very distinctive seed.

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Tara said...

Been reading Pillars of the Earth and its supplement, I think this flower was used for rushes on the flooring!