Friday, September 29, 2006


A brief splash
In the pond of life
Think a while
Log off


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go as you've given me much pleasure since I discovered your site. All the very best for the future.

Anonymous said...

Don't do it Spot - Dogs of the world (or at least Venterdon) unite - Save the Spot Blog.

Viewed as far away as Kelly Bray this invaluable guide to what matters most to the canine population of East Cornwall cannot be lost.

Surely the boss can find it in his heart to give you a voice (bark?) for a few months more ??????????

Anonymous said...

Ahh Spot, time to say farewell already.

May you have plenty of new adventures but no more hopping over the garden wall please!!


Aunty Jess

spot said...

You seemed very pleased to see us when we came back. We always like to leave for a while so that we can see the smile on your face when we return. Otherwise we wouldn't go.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed this blog from afar - please keep publishing your lovely pictures

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger - we like your blog, please don't stop.

Anonymous said...

dear spot

this is a message from Dad. Tell Fiona that the mobile phones are barred and we cannot make contact!!