Friday, September 29, 2006


My owners (aka mum and dad) are off on their holidays. Fiona and John are coming to look after us, this usually means long walks, staying out late at night and generally heaps of fun. However, it also means no access to the computer. It is almost a year since I started writing this blog, and I have enjoyed doing it but I want to spend more time doing my own thing, getting lost and bullying rabbits. I have learnt a lot in the last year, not every day is my birthday and I don't always get the presents I deserve. I can now count up to 420. Also the number of people with the time to visit my blog is getting very small. I will probably post a few pictures of autumn in deepest Cornwall next month but then I plan to say farewell, adieu to all my fans and lurch off into the future.

I may make a year book of all the pages and put it on a CD available on request, or I may not!

lots of logs and kisses


Admin note:- Spot may be confusing fans with fan.

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Hendrix said...

You cant say adieu it would be criminal! goodbye would be bad enough!! The boss has been busy but i have kept a keen eye on things. I need this blog to keep me from the depression that will surley befall me should I be left with little more than memories and this drab midlands landscape. Its horrible!! no moors, no beeches, not even many ducks- apart from the unrecognisible ones in the chinese takeaways- and they're not much fun!