Sunday, June 22, 2014

a trip to Lundy 3

 One of the main reasons for going to Lundy at this time of year is to see the puffins at Jenny's cove. They are not easy to spot without binoculars and telephoto lenses, and the air is full of kittiwakes, razorbills and seagulls. However, if you look closely at the bottom left hand corner of the picture below
 and in the grassy area of the picture below, one can just about make out puffin-like puffins. I am not quite sure about the congregation on the rock emerging from the sea,

 but there were a lot more of them nesting on the cliff face (razorbills, and guillemots?).

There are also a lot of wheatears about, with a distinctive black eye line and flashing white tail feathers, which I think are designed to draw predators away from their nest sites.

We stayed on the island for about 4 hours, and then took 2 hours to get back to Ilfracombe, and another two hours to drive a very long day travelling but worth it to see a little gem.

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Anonymous said...

What a delightful afternoon I have had reading about your travels to Lundy! Not familiar with the island, I investigated your links and found Lundy similar to our Block island which we visit most summers (bigger and more settled) but stoic and off on its own in the Atlantic just the same! Yiou provided wonderful entertainment while I am stuck in the house on a sunny afternoon of 80 degrees watching the World Cup with family---USA vs Portugal (and we are not doing well at this point! ) Tara