Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rowden lane

Rowden lane is marked by the red dashes, and runs from the crossroads at the top of Pound Lane (the entrance is next to the field where it is proposed to site the chicken factory) in a north easterly direction to the road that runs between Pempwell and Goosewell. The brown spot on the path marks approximately where the picture of bluebells was taken.The map indicates that the original route continues across the road towards Trecombe, and is funnel shaped which is probably related to its suggested use as a cattle drove.Only the path between the roads is now a bridal path.


Lesley FW said...

Thanks, we will pop over and have a look.

Spot said...

it's very heavy going just now (the horses churn up the path and it gets very muddy), and the blue bells are past their best today (we went for a walk ourselves this morning) so I would advise waiting until next May!

Anonymous said...

I'm moving here...Tara