Monday, September 02, 2013

Collies can swim

Photographic proof that some collies can swim! Meg will do anything to get hold of a stick before Harriet and Spot. Most collies we know won't even get their toes wet.


Rambler said...

Oh my word! You haven't met my Zac, then. He is permanently damp as he absolutely adores the water - sea, river, stream, puddle if there's no alternative. In winter, on Dartmoor, he 'chinks' as he leaves the leats, thanks to the icicles formed on his long coat. Never feels the cold, either. Almost 11 years old now and slowing down, but a walk without water is no walk at all!

Spot said...

well, I think collies must fall into two groups, the wusses who won't even get their toes wet, and the rest! Our Max is definitely in the first camp, and Meg above pretends to be a wuss when she isn't.