Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wainscots and waves

Out doing big butterfly count today (link) for third or fourth year in a row. The meadows were bursting with meadow browns, whites, skippers and ringlets, a few silver washed fritillaries and the occasional red admiral, tortoiseshell and small copper. In amongst all these butterflies it is easy to miss the moths. Most moths (of which there are thousands of species) are extraordinarily difficult to identify, mainly because no one appears to have come up with a colour coded identification chart or web page for simple minded people. The top photo is a common Wainscot (I don't know how they get their names), and the bottom photo is probably a smoky wave (both on the balance of probability rather than certainty!).
And above is a close up of a small skipper. No blue butterflies at all again for the second year in a row.


Anonymous said...

And what of the count of the royal offspring? We are waiting diligently here for news across the pond! Tara

Spot said...

one boy, three martins

Anonymous said...

haha! Wonder what they will name their lad...our big day here involves baseball players taking strength enhancing drugs and subsequent suspensions, that has kicked e royal addition off the news! Tara