Sunday, February 19, 2012


This morning was clear and sunny if cold. It is a strange time of year. You can sense a restless energy in the earth, the leaves of celandine, wild daffodils and dog violets are reaching up for the sky, the smell of wild garlic is in the air, and the crocuses are out, and yet the world seems to be holding its breath. Blackbirds and mistle thrushes are already nesting, and the finches and tits are looking at their smartest. We are on the edge of Spring and the great slow explosion of life in our Northern homes is about to begin once again.

I know the content of this post is trite in some ways but the feeling that the life around us is beginning once more to pulse with energy is not. I feel we have lost our connection with the world from which we emerged. The noise of our toys is incessant, invasive and alienating. If we cannot hear and respond to the natural rhythms of the world we become mentally unhealthy not just as individuals but as a species. 


Anonymous said...

I'm with you...being unplugged is such a luxury...and I'm not a super device person, I mean the luxury of noiseless an article in the Times recently about a NYC gal who bought a cabin upstate and in the silence of her weekend home heard the slightest buzzing in one ear. turns out she had it checked out which led to the discovery of a brain tumor. she told her doctor she had "heard" it but this is how she felt!!...ah, Walden.

carletta said...

Wonderful, true words. You describe something anyone "paying attention" has felt, but when you read your words, it all coalesces when expressed in language. We,on the other hand, are having a snow storm! Another way nature "silences" us!