Sunday, January 01, 2012

frog spawn and daffodils

On our first walk of the year (in the rain, some things never change) we saw some frog spawn, a very happy robin whistling away, and our amazing daffodils. One advantage of having kept a regular blog (for 6 years now) is that it is easy to compare what we see now with previous years; without doubt this is the mildest winter we have experienced here, and the earliest frog spawn by about 3 weeks (which is a lot).


Tara said...

Oddly, we are experiencing the same...last year at this time we were a foot under found us at fifty...balmy!

Anonymous said...

Spotted a primrose today on the left hand side of the lane as you drive north out of Venterdon, just before the oak tree, known by local children as the broccoli tree.